Church of Spiritual Light Crystal Bowl/Reiki Meditation

Just before the meditation began, a summer storm broke the silence of the room with its loud thunder. In my mind, I heard the words “Power houses” as a messenger came forth:

Open to the power from within. Open to your own power. Reach deep into the Earth for grounding, then take a deep breath and step into the power that is you.

I saw the spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman as she entered the meditation. The storm outside had escalated. I could hear the wind and the rain as it pelted the roof and the window panes. Lightning lit up the darkened room as if someone had turned on the lights. Thunder clapped above us and rolled in the distance.

The Thunder Beings have arrived.

As clearly as I could see with my physical eyes, I saw a herd of hundreds of buffalo stampeding, creating this thunder that rattled the windows of the Church of Spiritual Light.

Listen to the beat of the Universe. Hear it rumble and feel the vibrations. They are much like the vibrations of the crystal bowls, sending energy to those nearby. Open like the sky that pours the rain from above and the lightning that lights the sky. This is the power of water and fire.

Bring together those elements within you. Let them move throughout your body, nourishing each of you cells. Let the vibrations of the Thunder Beings loosen all blockages you have. Let the Thunder Beings wash from you your dream-like state of being human.



Be at one with the power of the Universe that the Thunder Beings have brought.

In my mind’s eye, I saw dust from the buffalos’ flying hoofs. The dust rose in the sky like sand-colored cumulus clouds. From the center of the clouds of dust, a single white crow flew from into the sky.

As the clouds of dust rose, the waters began to rain down, clearing the air and rendering the soil into thick mud that stretched as far as the eye could see. I knew that the purpose of the mud was to detoxify the body, to pull negative energy from within. This was all part of the healing cycle.

I then saw a mountain stream that had just been fed by a heavy rains. It filled its banks as the water rushed down the mountainside. I saw coarse, jagged rocks in the stream. Like time-lapsed photography, I saw the jagged edges of the stones change before my eyes. The rushing water soothed those rough edges, rendering the rocks smooth and silky. The message continued when I saw this vision:

So, Dear One, let these waters refresh your soul. Let these waters remove those rough edges that have been created by the bumps in your human life. Allow the waters to rush over you and smooth your sharp edges of existence.

Another vision appeared, and I saw the muddy field transform. Small, tender green shots of plants began to grow through the rain-soaked earth. Their roots absorbed the standing water—the life force. The ground was now transformed into a field of green plants that, in unison, began blooming with small blue flowers. It was a beautiful sight. Within a moment or two, the blue blossoms transformed into small white butterflies that lifted up into the sky. They were pure. They were spirit. They were perfection!


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