Church of Spiritual Light Reiki/Crystal Bowl Meditation: 05-14-18

As I settled into my space, getting ready for the meditation, I felt a softness that covered the room like a goose down blanket. As I saw this, in my mind’s eye, drift down over the room, it changed the energy, softening the edges of concern and anxiety that had brought some of the participants to this meditation. I had no idea which people had these feelings—I only knew that some did.

Spontaneously, I took a deep breath. As I did so, I felt myself drifting into a serene, peaceful space. I knew this was the Interface between Earth plan reality and another dimension. I’ve been here before. This other dimension is simply another real just beyond the breath.

As I entered this space, I had a vision of a pink material. It looked like a thin sheet of foam, and I watched in amazement as it settled over the goose down blanket that covered the room.

The meditation began and I saw a giant egg that was beginning to crack. I knew that this was a Cosmic egg, representing Earth.

What did that mean? What was this? As these questions entered my mind, the following message arrived:

This represents the birthing of a new Gaia, a new Earth. Forces are gathering to prepare your beloved Earth for a transition to Light. Goodness and mercy shall follow. Be patient. Be still. All is good and better days are coming!

The message left me feeling hopeful for the future of humankind. Change is coming—and it’s all good!


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