Goddess I Am: 07-06-18

I was early, so I slipped back into the room to quiet myself in preparation for Beth’s guided meditation to begin. Within a couple of minutes, I had a vision of a portal opening at the top of the room. I watched as my body morphed into a wisp of smoke and moved through the portal into the ethers. Within moments, I had reached an area I had previously visited: The Realms of Light. This is a space, if you can call it that, where Ascended Masters reside.

The goddess Quan Yin comes forth and speaks of a divine birthing that is taking place on our blue-green planet.

Just as physical birth requires labor and pain, so does this birth, but the end result will be worth the effort. Many upon the Earth plane are confused and in a state of chaos. They are sinking deep within the darkness of their souls. Fear not. When in a space of dark stillness, the senses increase. The human eyes will accommodate in order to prepare to see the Light.

This is all preparation for ascension, for it is stillness in order to hear the words of wisdom. It is part of the preparation of the birthing of the New Earth.

Be strong. Maintain stillness and hope, for hope and Light abound at this time. It is like a small ember that only needs the breath of life to fan it to increase its power and strength.

As Quan Yin spoke these words, I felt vibrations all over my body as the energy of the message settled within my physical body. The energy of Quan Yin flooded over me like waves upon waves of a gently mist that quenches a dry parched earth.

Other participants entered the room and Beth began the meditation. As she spoke, I had a feeling of trust that seemed to engulf my body. I knew there was Light ahead on this journey I was on. A saw a door open, and a lighted pathway, just waiting for me to enter.

I knew that this path represented just one of many paths that I could travel. I saw a figure in my mind’s eye. It looked like a giant hourglass.

Where the top and bottom met represented Earth and the present moment. I knew that this represented the timelessness of reality, but it is only within the Earth plane that we experience this limited construct called time. It made sense to me. The ends of the hourglass are expansive, but as the sands of time pass from the top to the bottom, the sand is constricted into a small area. This is how time seems to work on the Earth plane. For a moment—that is our time on Earth—we exist between other dimensions. I could now understand why we perceive Earth time as linear. Once we are freed from Earth plane existence, we return to our true nature which is expansive.

The hourglass represented the “as above, so below” concept, but momentarily, we are restricted and constricted, giving us the belief that time is linear. When we drop our physical bodies, we will return to the freedom of our true nature, our spirit, our soul.

Is this part of the New Earth that Quan Yin referred to? It wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


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