Goddess I Am: 9-28-18

Before the meditation began, I saw broad streamers coming from above. These belts of energy were pink, and some were pink with a tinge of orange. There were golden threads on the edges of these energy ribbons. From a previous meditation, I understood that these represented Beth’s energy field. 

At the ground level, purple and violet colored bands of energy (representing Panache) began weaving across the floor. This represented a new foundation for Goddess I Am. When they connected with the streamers from Beth, a bubble was formed, encompassing the room. 

This colorful orb began to lift off, and I understood that we were no longer tethered to the 3D world of physicality. Within moments, the orb morphed into a beautiful iridescent bubble. Its rainbow sheen brightened everything around it. It floated upward, and then it separated into smaller orbs. I understood that these individual orbs represented us—the people in attendance. Each orb drifted into a space that was specific for the person, a space where healing could occur.

I watched in amazement as these 10 or 11 orbs floated on a sea of tranquility, riding upon the breath of the divine. I had a brief image of Mother Mary, gently blowing in our direction, as if blowing a kiss. We were riding on the waves of prana, that life-force energy, was streaming through us, bringing us balance and health. 

Tiny dark bubbles from within each orb began to float to the surface, through the membrane of the orb, and away. These black fragments were released, leaving us with purity, perfection, and in perfect balance. I saw movement within the orbs. As I focused, I saw a tiny bud forming. Like time-lapsed photography, a beautiful rose bud formed. Each orb had a different color. I saw red, orange, pink, peach, light green, and even purple roses. The following message arrive:

As you step into the abyss, know that you are protected and loved beyond measure. Bring forth allowing from deep within your heart. Trust and allow these waves of energy wash over your existence, cleansing, and healing what needs to be healed. With love most divine, we leave you.


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