Church of Spiritual Light: 10-01-18

Moments before the meditation began, I had a vision of a giant turtle, and I heard, “Turtle Island.”  

Rebalance. This is balancing the very foundation of your soul. Just as a turtle crawls upon the Earth, dragging its massive belly, there is a constant tug and connection to the grounding energies of Mother Earth. 

The turtle is sure of its path. Its movement may be slow, but it is sure of the path. Its movement is purposeful, directed, and full of intent. 

I saw and felt a streak of light come from above and enter the top of my head. I felt as this massive energy pierced my body and reached my feet. I felt my body begin to melt, and soon within this vision, I had transformed into a what appeared to be a sheet of ice. Somehow, this was related the path of the turtle and the grounding energies to Mother Earth.

I listened and felt the vibrations from the crystal bowls. After several minutes, I had a vision of Mother Mary standing behind me. She was looking down at me. Her hands were by her side with her palms facing toward me. It was as if she was sending waves of energy toward me. I began to feel intense energy in my forehead, the palms of my hands, and my feet. This energy became very intense until the it pierced both my hands and feet. My thoughts were that this represented the stigmata. 

Once the shafts of energy had drilled through my hands and feet, I felt a sense of release, as if a dam had broken, freeing lake to return to its original, dynamic state of as a river. As the bowls continued to play in the background, I basked in this wonderous freedom. 

I then saw two large whirling metal rings that oscillated around my body. One looped horizontally while the other vertically as they oscillated around my suspended body.

As the group debriefed after the mediation, Misty (who was next to me during the meditation) also saw the same “machine” that I had. When she described it as the machine in the movie Contact, I realized that was exactly what it was: the intergalactic transportation device that created a wormhole for travel!

Reverend Bledsoe shared with the group that the movie Contactwas discussed in this room just 24 hours before. This made me think about what some of the messengers have told me—everything is energy: our thoughts, words, emotions, actions. Energy leaves an imprint and obviously both Misty and I had tapped into the energy of that conversation. Interesting!


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