Church of Spiritual Light: 09-04-2017

I came across a notebook this weekend. As I thumbed through the pages, I realized I had documented some meditative experiences that I had not yet transcribed. This is one from September of 2017. 

I had the following experience while at Crystal Bowl/Reiki Meditation at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers. I saw a shaman standing on top of a step pyramid in Mexico. In his right hand, he held a lightning bolt. He was summoning powerful energies from throughout the universe. 

As this occurred, I saw a gentle rain fall on each person who was there for the meditation. As the Reiki Masters went to each person to administer healing, I felt as if a smooth, cold rock had been placed on the center of my forehead. I had the impression that it was rock from a riverbed, a rock that had been smoothed by racing waters for hundreds of years. 

Several more minutes into the meditation, I felt this rock move up to the top of my head and then back down toward the base of my skull. Energy waves began to form from this rock, and this energy began to move slowly, reminding me of molasses on a cold day. It began to spread throughout my body.

I felt it move down my neck, across my shoulders before its slow trickle covered my entire arms, hands, and fingertips. Once my arms were covered in this energy, it began to move down the trunk of my body. I continued its slow-moving trek until it reached my feet. As the energy covered my feet, it dissolved into a drop of rain. It was no longer slow-moving like molasses; it had become fluid like rain. 

A puddle formed. I watched in amazement as the puddle grew larger and larger until it began to fill the room with several inches of what looked like water—only that I knew this was notwater, it was energy. A message began:

Just as water seeks its own source, so that is what you must do. Let go of form and things that bind you. Go with the flow and Source will guide you on this most sacred journey. 

Meet and gather into unity and the oneness of all.

As I heard these words, the vision of myself changed. I saw the top of my head open, that part that represented the crown chakra. I saw something slip from my head and zoom skyward.

Let go of this piece of Divinity. Allow it to slip out and re-establish its rightful place among the stars.

Although I could not say that I really understood the message, the images I had seen began to change. As this “piece of Divinity” slipped from my awareness, the liquid that had covered the floor of the room began to recede until it was once again only a puddle at my feet. It began to shine and glimmer as it morphed into a diamond shape of a star. I understood that this star represented the connection that we have to the cosmos. Was this the connection due to the summoning of energies from the Shaman that I had seen in the beginning of the meditation? I think…yes!


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