Goddess I Am Meditation: 11-23-2018
Luminosity (Inner States: Dawning of Awareness)

We meditated to a selection called Luminosity, a Hemi-Sync product voiced by Patty Ray Avalon.

Luminosity, Light, Lightworkers. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  Everything is energy. Thoughts, emotions, and light are all energy and they just as real as physical objects; they only differ in their vibration. The vibration of light is subtler than the dense energy of the chair or floor, but when we increase our luminosity, we find that our lives can change. We see with different senses. We feel more fully. We begin to experience beyond what our five physical senses measure. We become “enlightened.”

Things are changing. Our Earth is transitioning and bringing the human race along with her. There are new lightworkers in Earth. Many are being called to be of service—a new step for them. This is where I am, and as the subtitle of my book suggests, I’m an ordinary person who has had an extraordinary journey into the unknown, yet my path is no different from many who are awakening to their inner truths. 

A few years ago, I received a message about these new lightworkers. In a message about helping Mother Earth heal, I received the following (excerpted from The Reluctant Messenger—Tales from Beyond Belief): 

October 19, 2013
There is a new type of lightworker on the Earth who is able to gather these subtle energies and send them deep into the core of Mother Earth for healing. These lightworkers are beacons, drawing specific subtle frequencies into their personal energy fields, and then releasing the energies deep into the Earth. These are specific energy frequencies targeted for healing your beloved Mother Earth. 

This new energy brings with it a higher level of healing and more specificity. With it is the ability to heal dis-ease. What the human race calls miracles will occur more frequently. As lightworkers begin to use these newer energies, combined with the energies they possess, all will benefit. An energy loop of healing frequencies is established, benefiting all. Yes, as Mother Earth heals, humans will heal. Mother Earth is bombarded with these different rays of energy from the sun source creating a vibratory rate change to a finer and subtler energy. This is part of what your kind refers to as the shift.

Today’s exercise is about learning to increase our luminosity. As we increase light from within, we become beacons for higher vibrational energies. We begin to ascend on the path toward enlightenment. We begin to use our senses differently. We begin to learn how to manipulate energy and change negative patterns into positive ones. 

Over a year later, I received another message about these newer lightworks on Earth.

December 22, 2014
Lightworkers on the Earth plane are able to sense and manipulate energy in order to effect change. The environment can be changed. People can be healed. Hearts can be mended. The energy fields surrounding lightworkers are different from energy fields surrounding most humans. Lightworkers are aware of the power behind their thoughts. Thoughts create thought forms. Recognition that thought forms are real is the first step in learning to manifest reality. As lightworkers continue to raise their vibrations, they ascend toward Source. Many different words are used to describe those on this path…People have given many labels to those who are on the sacred path of ascension: masters, prophets, saints, angels, and avatars. As they progress closer to Creator Source, the energy frequency becomes subtler, finer, and lighter. The more closely aligned their energy bodies are with Source, the more enlightened they become. Creator Source, like a great magnet, draws enlightened ones into its field. Many on the Earth plane have reached the prophet or saint status, but they quietly live, going about their daily lives in ways that are not always noticeable.

As we continue the path of enlightenment, we become a bridge, connecting Earth energies to more subtle realms of light where we can meet with angels, saints, and others higher vibrational beings. We become enlightened—one particle of light at a time. 

ThroughoutThe Reluctant Messenger, I documented many messages about energy, light, and vibrational frequencies. One of the more memorable one is about angels:

May 28, 2015
Let us now speak of common features among the angelic realm. We are beings of higher vibrations than are found on the Earth plane. Our vibrational frequencies are subtler and finer. We respond to like energy such as when humans tap into our energy field. Many humans know in order to gain assistance from us, they need to ask for help. We are always around, but we rarely interfere with the day to day “busyness” of life on the Earth plane unless we are asked to do so. It is the asking or the intent that sends forth an energy beacon from the human to our realm. The asking, in the form of intentions and prayers, is energy. These are of a higher vibrational frequency which more closely matches our vibrations. The energy vibrations reach the interface, the area that buffers our realm of existence from that of the humans. If the request is from the heart, the energy reaches us like a knock upon our door. We respond to like energy; when the request is from the heart, this energy reaches us like a small, brilliant spark of light that flashes. When a prayer or intention is genuine, that energy stems from the heart. It is the heart energy of humans that represents the higher vibrational status needed in order for connections to be made into our dimension.

A vision accompanied this message. I saw myself in a large, cool, damp, cave in my mind’s eye. Total blackness surrounded me; natural light could not enter this underground cavern. I saw a single match spark to life, and its light permeated the cave. My view changed, zooming backward, and the cave increased in size tenfold. I watched another match ignite, and as before, light filled the cave.

When there is darkness, the light of a single match is bright enough to be seen for miles; it is a call for attention. Our prayers or requests for help are our angelic beacons. Though small, our lights have enough luminous intensity to reach the angels’ realm. 

We listened to Luminosityand several shared their experiences afterward. Several felt the powerful vibrations emanating from their hearts as we practiced increasing our own luminosity. We are light. We are energy, and as we learn to connect to higher vibratory energies, we literally become “enlightened.” Our lights shine a little brighter, and soon we realize that we have drawn others into our energy fields. Similar to how a lighthouse protects and guides ships in perilous storms, our lights serve as a beacon, calling to those who are ready and able to perceive a higher calling. 


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