Goddess I Am: November 16, 2018
Earth Angels

Before the meditation began, several of us went outside to admire the canal behind the shop. When we returned, I noticed we were not alone. As Beth opened the door, she created some sort of vacuum that pulled in swift-moving energy. I knew this energy would make itself known to me very soon. 

I settled into my chair and immediately felt the presence of a large, sprawling oak tree. Its wide canopy engulfed the entire building where Goddess I Am is located. It covered and protected each of us, but it also served as a resting place for the new incoming energy, and then I realized what this new energy was: earth angels. And although I had called these spirits “fairies” in the past, I knew that the term “earth angels” was a better representation of what they are. 

As your beloved planet continues in her transition to a more spiritual nature, so are all her inhabitants, including elementals. They, too, are stepping into their divine natures. 

My perspective zoomed out from above, and I realized these earth angels were coming from the water, the trees, and the plants that bordered the canal. They continued to sweep under the closed door, and as they did, they roosted in the branches of the tree. They were energetic and began to flit from branch to branch, making the tree pop with vibrancy. Then, almost as if on cue, they flew to the top of the tree’s canopy and they began to flutter around. 

 As the final meditation participants entered the room, as if on cue, the earth angels swooped down from the top of the tree, and they began to swirl around each person. I saw brilliant golden streams weave in and out of each person’s energy field, and before long, everyone was wrapped in their own personal cocoon of golden threads. As they continued to wrap us in golden threads, the cocoon became more solid until each of us was floating in the middle of a golden orb. We felt protected in this divine orb of healing energy.

I felt a rumbling from deep within the Earth. This energy came upward and began to fill the room with some sort of liquid. These waters continued to rise until the entire room was fully immersed. We were all safely protected within our golden orbs of light. 

The waters in the room permeated the orbs, washing away any negative or low energy. At the start of the meditation, Beth had used a shaman’s rattle to loosen the energy around each person. I knew that these waters were cleansing and clearing away those errant energies. 

Next, I saw the water move toward the large copper pyramid in the center of the room. It began rushing to the top of the pyramid and out the pyramid’s apex. It rushed out like water doing down a drain, but in this case, the water was rushing up, out the top of the pyramid. As I stepped back to look at this in my mind’s eye, I realized the water had also taken the shape of a pyramid. 

As the last vestiges of water left, the earth angels began to unwrap us from the cocoons they had woven. Once unwrapped, we emerged, different from when we had entered the meditation. We stepped out into the world, anew. I saw Venus/Aphrodite on the half shell. Within seconds, the shell morphed into a lotus flower and the figures transformed from human forms to wisps of air. I watched as the air drifted upward toward the sky before disappearing into the cosmos. I realized that this represented that we are part of all that is. There is a divine connection with all of Earth as well as the cosmos. There is unity and oneness with all. 


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