Goddess I Am, Pyramid Power: 11-09-2018

I walked into the meditation room at Goddess I Am. Beth had a copper pyramid that was in the center of the room. The energy vibrations from it brought a sense of excitement to the room. I could feel energy emanating from it as waves swished from above it as well as below. I began to feel energy moving from the pyramid’s base. It was as if a sheet of ice began to cover the floor. 

I was sitting in one of the chairs that surrounded the pyramid. As I touched it with my bare feet, I felt tingling in my feet as the energy moved up through my body. It shot out through the top of my head, and then I heard the word “connection.”

I had an understanding that this energy connected to the crystalline grid that covers Earth. I head the following message:

You are the connectors to help Mother Earth while she transcends into a new dimensional space. This place (referring to Goddess I Am) is bringing a stronger vibration into its core as it traverses the sacred journey into wisdom. 

There are similar places being established like this around the Earth. This is the way of the New Sacred, built upon the heart energy of humankind. These are the Keepers of the Grid, and they are all in association with the power of the pyramid. The pyramid is collecting and drawing energy into its field. It is cleaning and clearing energy. It is amplifying energy to help empower the pyramid. 

Sacred connections all begin in the heart. The heart represents the microcosm of the macrocosm. The pyramid is establishing itself in this space. It will draw others into its energy field. Those who have not been here before will come, for they will feel the urging within their hearts.


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