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March 4, 2019, Jacob's Ladder
Angelic Healing: Church of Spiritual Light

I arrived at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers, Florida, and prepared for the crystal bowl/Reiki meditation. After the hour-plus drive from Naples, I was ready to relax and enjoy the experience. 

The messages began as soon as I walked toward the restroom at the back of the church. My eyes were drawn to a picture of a wolf that was part of a large framed collage of various animals among other images. But for some reason, I focused only on the wolf’s nose. I wondered why. I glanced around and saw a bottle of hand soap on a shelf. The label said it was made with rosemary. I often receive cues about upcoming spiritual communications, so I wondered if message might be about the sense of smell. As that entered my mind, I thought of the word “alchemy.” Immediately, I received messages about the senses. 

As you learn to fine tune your senses, you shall tap into the divine nature of all that is. Allow this divine flow to transform you.

As you tap into your divine nature, the spirit and essence of those from the angel realm come forth. Hearts open and with the opening of the heart, the energy flow throughout the body increases.

As the flow increases, the cells become enlivened. They fill with divine energy.

With these words, the room transformed as the cots surrounding the crystal bowls in the center of the room began to swell until they resembled partially inflated balloons. Without knowing how I knew this, I understood that this vision represented incoming energy on a cellular level. Our expanded cells made more room for the healing vibrations from the Reiki and the crystal bowls thus resulting in deeper healing. 

Allow the energy vibrations to soften the edges of pain, soften the edges of mental discord. Allow for the balancing of energy for full healing to occur. 

I began to hear segments from a hymn: “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. God in three persons, blessed Trinity.” This played in the background of my mind as the message continued:

There is perfection, harmony, and a divine trinity. There is perfect health when the connection is divine.

In my mind’s eye, the room began to change again. The balloon-type structures that had replaced the cots became flower petals: the room was filled with a gigantic lotus. As the petals grew, another transformation occurred. The ends of the petals near the room’s center remained stationary while the outer tips bent toward the crystal bowls until they had created a room-sized flower bud.  

My vision zoomed back, and I could view the event from above. Although I had expected to see a lotus bud, I was astonished to find a large rosebud in the center of the room. But that wasn’t the greatest surprise: I realized this was us—all of it. We had become the lotus petals, and wehad merged and transformed to create this bright red rosebud. 

I saw movement on the floor where the bowls rested: a large taproot spiraled downward, through the floor, and deep into the fertile soil until it anchored itself around a crystal at the center of our marvelous planet. 

My vision shifted to the closed blossom; gold flecks began to bubble from its center. It gained momentum, resulting in several wisps of fragrant golden sparkles that meandered upward. My vision zoomed backward, granting me a bird’s eye view of this divine energy. As it continued to rise, I realized it resembled the double helix of a DNA strand. I had a “knowing” that this divine energy was entering the angel realm. 

Things became even stranger: I heard the phrase “Jacob’s ladder,” and I recalled the Bible story about Jacob’s dream of a ladder where angels ascended and descended to heaven. With those words, the floodgates opened. I watched in amazement as thrones of angels, led by archangels, descended into the room. Their presence brought a sense of compassion, peace, and love, yet I felt their power and strength as they entered this sacred space. When I realized they were there for us—the meditation participants—I was overcome with emotion, and tears streamed down my face. 

Upon seeing the angels, I had an epiphany: the double helix DNA strand was Jacob’s ladder—that divine instrument of connection between our realm and the angel realm/heaven. I basked in the realization that we were the flower, that sacred flower connected to the angel realm and grounded in the divine energies of Mother Earth.

My conscious awareness slipped away. Had I fallen asleep? The next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a very vivid scene. I saw a snow-driven plain that was covered in teepees. Off to the side was a large white buffalo, pawing the snow-covered ground in search for something to graze. I “heard” that I had traveled back in time. 

This is what divine healing is about. As you open your awareness to the divinity from the angels who surround you, you can step back into time and heal the wounds of the past. Allow, allow, simply allow and accept the Creator’s divine healing as gifted by the Angels of Grace.

During the meditation, the vibrations from the healers and the crystal bowls felt stronger than I had ever experienced. The vibrational waves from the crystal bowls washed over my body like a steady flow of ocean breakers crashing on the beach on a windy day. I received so much information during this meditation that I knew it would take time to fully comprehend it.

Eventually I began to see the larger picture. A few days before, a new messenger had arrived, and I couldn’t help but think these experiences might be related. This new messenger spoke of newness, freedom, rebirth, spiritual gifts, and time. Clock time as we know it is an illusion, yet there is an interdimensional energy connected with time that operates like an undercurrent in a river, guiding it beneath the surface of awareness.

As I thought of this new messenger, I flashed back to my first messengers: The Muses Within. On August 28, 2013, my first channeled information was about a flower being a flow-er of energy, and when it is in perfect alignment from its connection to Mother Earth and to Father Sky, it produces a beautiful blossom. The Muses Within said that humans are also like flowers, and when we are in perfect alignment, we open to growth beyond our wildest imaginations. In this current meditation, I saw the flower that literally became the flow-er of energy, connecting Earth with the heavenly angel realm. But there were also aspects present that stemmed from my first mediation at the Church of Spiritual Light.

How well I remember my first visit to the Church of Spiritual Light on October 19, 2015. (I described this event in detail in my book, The Reluctant Messenger—Tales from Beyond Belief.) In that life-altering encounter, elements common to today’s meditation included energy, healing, throngs of angels, and a white buffalo. 
It was all starting to come together, although somewhat tangentially. Three days before, a new messenger had arrived and spoke of the elements of time as underlying patterns of energy that guide life. And in today’s meditation, significant components from previous messengers emerged. Were the ebb and flow of these meditations part of the dimensional undercurrent of time guiding me back to the beginning? Was this new messenger tying all these elements together? I had a sense of déjà vu as my entire spiritual journey flashed before my eyes. I had come full circle.

This meditation had begun with the word “alchemy”—that seemingly magical process of transformation and creation. I thought of the visions, the angels, the DNA strand/Jacob’s ladder, the transformation of energies to create healing, and even the “messenger function” of RNA/DNA. Even more than ever, I realized that science and spirituality were not mutually exclusive. There is an ever-increasing knowledge of how they work hand-in-hand, explaining the unexplainable, leading the way for choices to be made for the betterment of humanity. 

Guidance had led me to write my book, The Reluctant Messenger. Over the past few months, I had received various nudges to start another book. I had even been given the topic: angels. And for me, these last two mediations had brought me there and back again. I had come full circle. It was time for me to go with the flow and allow guidance’s interdimensional undertow to carry me back to the beginning. It was time to listen to the callings of the messengers and pick up the pen again.


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