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February 1, 2019, Meditation at Goddess I Am
Fallen Leaves: Step Into Nature

I was early, so waited outside for the doors to be unlocked. As soon as I sat down, the messages began.

It is time to take a deep breath, for within that breath you allow the beauty that surrounds you to blossom forth from within. Taking a contemplative breath allows you to disengage from the automaticity of filters that direct you during the day. It is time to use those filters differently. Engage them purposefully.

When I heard those words, I immediately took a deep breath. Within a few seconds, my perception changed: The cars that zoomed past on the busy street in front of Goddess I Am faded in the background, making room for music from songbirds. I found myself smiling as their melody touched my heart and soul. The noise from the cars continued to recede as the echoes of nature entered my awareness, and soon I found myself surrounded by peace and tranquility.  

I looked to my right and saw several potted plants. Their energy drew me closer, and their beauty sent waves of appreciation to me. Yes, this world is beautiful, and beauty surrounds us, but sometimes we need a nudge to refocus. 

Step into nature. Allow your soul to relinquish its burdens. Let your spirit carry you away, back to the Garden. Some may call this the Garden of Eden. This is the place of true birth, true manifestation. This is your playground. Come back at any time. Step into this timelessness, step into this world of full potential. 

As I journaled this last message, I heard the doors of Goddess I Am open. I picked up my journal and walked toward the back of the store where the meditation would be held. As I entered the room, I smiled broadly when I heard the music: birds singing with soft instrumental music in the background. I loved and appreciated the validation of the message. 

Prior to the start of the meditation, Beth beat a buffalo drum around each person to loosen his or her energy field. I watched as small grayish pieces of energy lifted away from each person. It reminded me of pieces of ash from burnt paper. The pieces landed on the floor in the center of the room. The ground was soon covered by this debris. It looked like a carpet of dry leaves brought by a gusty autumn breeze. As I thought of the analogy of fallen leaves, a message began: 

Fallen leaves no longer serve the tree. They are no longer needed as conduits of energy to feed the tree. The chlorophyll is gone; their purpose is spent. As they drift to Mother Earth to serve another purpose, the tree is in stillness. It is time for rest and contemplation before the arrival of the new. 

Humans, too, are like this. Just allow those spent energies to drop away from your current existence and make room for the manifestation of the new. 

As part of the guided meditation, Beth had us visualize a pyramid with an encoded message. As I looked at the pyramid, the lit hieroglyphics at its base began to glow like heated embers. A ramp opened on one side, inviting me to enter. As I walked the incline, I realized I looked like I was in a scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. That was appropriate because the door closed, and I took off into the skies. This pyramid was a teleportation device! I was zooming through the cosmos, flying past galaxies. I no longer had a physical body—it wasn’t needed here. I could go wherever I desired, simply by thought. It was so cool!

Although this one has the thought of being within a pyramid and going “out there,” we say this is not true. Your essence, your soul, your spirit resides within your heart. That part of you is timeless and it supersedes the human physical body. Understand that your incarnation on the Earth is but a temporary state. There are lessons to be learned to help guide your soul on its true path of wisdom.

Beth guided us to place our hands on a book so that we could experience other aspects of ourselves. As soon as I touched the book, I found myself in the middle of the ocean. I was a droplet of spray from an ocean wave. As a droplet, I felt that I was separate from the other droplets, separate from the wave, separate from the ocean. As I fell back into the wave and the wave collapsed back into the deep blue ocean, I sense of separation ceased. I became the ocean. 

Humans perceive of themselves as separate from each other, separate from their environment. That is not so. They are like the parts of a wave that crash back into the waters, becoming once again the whole.

Step into your divinity. Know the wholeness. Know the oneness, the completion, the unity. Use this perception to bring all thoughts and emotions into unity. Love is real. Love is all that is. 

As the meditation came to a close, I realized that my experiences while sitting outside waiting for the doors to open—allowing my perception to change—was the take-home message. By taking a purposeful breath, we can bring our awareness inward. From within, we can see the connections to all of nature. Viewing life through the filter of the heart changes everything!


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