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March 15, 2019
Angels and Tambourines: Goddess I Am

I dug into my purse for my favorite pen, but it wasn’t there. Instead, I located a bright red ink pen. Where did that come from? I pulled off the cap and jotted the date at the top of my journal: March 15, 2019. The date made me think of soothsayer's line “Beware of the Ides of March” in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. This phrase seemed to prime the pump for the messages to begin. 

Beware. Beware as we surround you with loving energy, with divine love.

Beth began the meditation by spraying (with permission) each participant with one of her numerous choices of essential oil mixtures from the store. I wasn’t surprised when the spray of the day was from the bottled labeled Love—the words I had just jotted in my journal.  
We always begin the meditation with a few deep, purposeful breaths, and today was no exception. With my first inhalation, I saw a flood of red hearts pouring from above like a whirlwind of valentines. This stream entered the center of the room. It traveled a few feet below the floor before it reversed directions, curled upwards, and encircled us. The energy stream from above stopped, but the loop surrounding us continued to churn. We were completely encompassed within this circle of divine love. 
As the torus continued to swirl, I felt the energy shift. Something was different. As I tried to define what I was feeling, a wave of pure love and compassion washed over me. Tears filled my eyes. I’ve experienced this before—we were in the presence of angels. 
My words are inadequate to express the feelings of pure love and compassion that filled the room. Take the love that a mother feels for her new-born child and then multiply that by a thousand, and that wouldn’t come close to what I felt. This was pure, deep, and unconditional. 

The circle represents wholeness, timelessness, solidarity. Embrace this living dynamic representation of love. 

The vision shifted, and the toroidal ring floated off the floor until it was midair. It continued to transform until it became a tambourine. As it began to shake and vibrate, its musical jingles reverberated across the room. 
As the vibrations increased, I noticed another change: more divine energy came forth and entered the tambourine. It was as if the music had summoned more energy to it. This was not just any energy, it was the energy of love and divinity. It felt sacred. Our circle of love grew larger and even more powerful. 
Stepping forth from this ever-increasing ring of love came a divine being of light. Was she an angel? Did she represent my higher self? I didn't know, but as I welcomed her, a messenger spoke:

She lives within. Open your heart to welcome her more fully into your life. Dance to the music within. Call forth the energy of divinity, love, and compassion. Bring this energy into your heart.
As you breathe, be mindful, and allow the compassion of the ages to enter into your divine space. Tap into the connection to our realm. Let the love that surrounds you enter your divine self. Allow that love to guide you as you traverse the path of life.
We are always around, awaiting your call to aid. Be mindful of this, and see us as trusted friends. We look over you with the love and compassion a mother has for her beloved child. Know that we are here, simply awaiting your call. 

With these words, the vision changed. As if on cue, the tambourine made a 180-degree mid-air turn. But that’s not all that changed; there was a discernable energy shift. Its once-soft lyrical jingles became a jarring cacophony of clangs and clatters as it moved to a position above my head. Noise reverberated down my spine as this once-melodious instrument circled my body from my head to my feet. 
The clatter shattered parts of my energy body, and I watched as dark pieces of energy broke loose and drifted from me like smoldering ashes. I realized this represented old, stale energy that was no longer useful. 

Call upon the divine to enter your heart. Release that which no longer serves you. Know that you have the power, for it lies within. You are not alone, ye children of the Earth. We are here to guide you. We are here to assist you. Call upon us, and we shall answer. 

As the meditation came to a close, I received another message. The messengers told me that the instrument, the spirit tambourine, could act as an interdimensional portal. Whenever I needed to step into this dimension of pure love and compassion, all I needed to do was to envision the torus field that had manifested into this spirit musical instrument. I could then step through it, and I would find myself immersed into this beautiful realm of pure love and compassion.
Over the years, I had received various devices to use in my consciousness-expansion toolbox. I had learned that everything is energy, including thoughts and emotions. I had discovered how to bookmark events so that I could revisit at will. By bookmarking and revisiting the spirit tambourine, I could, once again, be in the presence of these divine angels. Yes, this was a tool I would use again.  


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