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March 22, 2019 Goddess I Am
One Shade at a Time: Enlightenment

I was outside Goddess I Am, a metaphysical store in Naples, Florida. I was early for the weekly Friday morning meditation, so I sat on a bench and pulled out my pen to write the messages that had already begun to flow.

The road to peace begins with you. Step gently on the path of life. Let each footstep mean something. It need not be monumental; it just needs to be purposeful and with heart.
Let your heart guide you. Take each step without knowing what the next step will be. This is Trust. This is Guidance. 
Know that within your heart is a beacon. It is a connection to angels, a connection to Source. Find the stillness inside so that you may hear the whispers upon the wind that guide you on the path of wisdom, the path of love, the path of the sacred.  

My awareness pulled away, and I found myself with a bird’s-eye view. Within a few seconds, I was so high in the atmosphere that I could see both the east and west coasts of the United States. As I looked at this beautiful sight, I saw small lights flicker across our nation. Within a few seconds, I noticed even brighter lights, so I zoomed in for a closer look.
I felt surprised when I realized these were not brighter lights, but clusters of the lights. Upon closer inspection, I realized these lights were gathered at mosques, synagogues, churches, meditation groups, and other temples of light. The lights were different from anything I had seen before. It was not artificial lighting, but a living, organic radiance that shown forth from within people.

These bright souls are bringing more light into the Earth plane. With each step they take, they help bring us to the path of the sacred. There will be a tipping point. When that occurs, it will catapult your lovely planet into another dimensional space where we will be awaiting all of humanity with our open arms. 

Evolution is a slow-moving process that introduces changes into all living things including the human race. The messengers had previously told me about the transition of our Earth, and how that was part of her evolutionary process. As Gaia (spirit of Mother Earth) changes and transforms, she brings all of her inhabitants with her. 
This new message, however, indicated there will be a spiritual tipping point for people, and when this occurs, it will be the final push for our planet to enter a new dimensional space. How exciting!

Be ye one with the divine spirit. Trust what your heart tells you, for you are loved beyond measure. You ARE love. Let that divine spark in your heart grow. Fan its embers with the winds of love so that others may see the divinity within. 

Oh, so now I understand. Those individual and clusters of lights I had seen were these divine sparks. Each person is born with a sacred light that burns brightly in his or her heart. Depending on how we react to the trials and tribulations of life, those sparks can appear to dim. Our day-to-day challenges often lead us away from our life’s true purpose, and the farther we drift, the darker our divine sparks appear.
In my mind’s eye, I saw a picture of a table lamp with a single lit bulb. I watched as a thin, light-colored lampshade was fitted over the lightbulb, followed by progressively darker covers. The spark, like the lightbulb, continued to shine as brightly as ever, but its radiance was no longer as visible. As we begin to walk the path of peace, as we begin to speak our Truths, the lampshade becomes lighter thus allowing more light to shine forth. The image literally depicted enlightenment.
I chuckled. Sometimes the messengers were so painfully accurate in the visions they showed me that I couldn’t help but wonder why. Did they think I wouldn’t understand otherwise? Was I too dense? Was this part of their sense of humor that they sometimes display when I least expect it? 
But, no complaints here. I felt honored to be gifted with the visions and the messages they send me. Although I am sure that my divine spark is still quite dim, by following my heart and trusting, I only hope I am moving in the direction of enlightenment even if it is only one shade at a time. 


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