Angels Speak: Enlightenment is a Choice

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Goddess I Am
Angels Speak: Enlightenment is a Choice
April 12, 2019

While I drove to Goddess I Am for the Friday morning meditation, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty that surrounded me. The trees were so green as they swayed gently in the wind. The bright Florida sunshine warmed everything. Recently I heard people talk about some planet being in retrograde. I’m still not sure what that means other than some say their lives have been complicated by it. I almost feel a little guilty because my life is pretty close to perfect.
While stopped at a red light, I felt the familiar nudge from a messenger. I recognized the energy vibrations: this was from the angel realm. I quickly retrieved my phone and recorded the following:

April 12, 2019
Rise above the petty concerns that might surround your day-to-day activities. For this is the true path to enlightenment. It is learning to step into the divine by choice. It is learning to reduce those energy frequencies that bombard you and take you away from your true purpose, your true path in life. 
Enlightenment for the modern human is a task that can be achieved by not fighting with incoming mal-aligned frequencies but rather learning how to defray and deflect those energies away from your true self. 
March forward. March onward. March to the beat of your own drum as it connects to higher sources. Feel the beat from the heart of Mother Earth. Look upward. Raise your eyes. Raise your heart. Raise your intentions to higher and loftier goals. Know that ye are one and allow that oneness to guide you on the path of wisdom. 
This is all for now. 

I arrived at the meditation, and things felt a little off. The peaceful mood I had felt while driving to Goddess I Am had left, and I sensed some frenetic energies surrounding me. It wasn’t anything really negative, but more like unsettled energy. 
As usual, Beth began the mediation with having each of us engage in several rounds of deep breathing. As each person exhaled, I saw a milky-white smoky substance rise to the top of the room. It entered a vortex and rushed upward into the upper levels of the cosmos. 
Although the observer-me could see these clouds cross the threshold of the portal, the other-me was still seated in my chair at the meditation—but not for long. All of a sudden, my essence dissolved into these moving clouds, and I slipped through the vortex into a silent, expansive cosmic void. 
As I entered the heavens above, my essence burst into billions of points of light. They seemed to explode in slow motion, drifting higher and higher into this magnificent space. The motion stopped, and the golden sparkles fell like gentle spring rain, landing on invisible waves of energy. I had become a raft of gold sparkles of light, riding waves of love that permeated the universe.
I looked around and saw I was surrounded by multiple tunnels, and I knew they represented different realms of existence, different possibilities. I could go to any one of these, but I chose to float in this sea of nothingness, this sea of everything. Potential was all around me just awaiting my intentions to call forth the energies to manifest whatever I sought. I felt at peace, I felt at one with the universe. This was perfection. Within this serenity, the angels spoke:

Peace be unto you, oh ye children of the Earth. Come and rest your concerns and problems at our feet. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Know that you are part of a divine plan. Trust that the path will be lighted for you. Release that which does not serve you. 
As you enter higher realms of consciousness, feel our presence. Know that we accompany you on this path. Call upon us, for we are here to help you traverse your journey of life.

As Beth called us to return from the meditation, my essence, still contained as a raft of golden glitter, swiftly reentered the vortex and like water down a drain, I had returned to the room. Although I expected the raft of golden light to enter the me who was sitting in the chair, it did not. These divine particles swirled around the room, leaving sprinkles of light on each of the meditation participants.
When I opened my eyes, I took a deep breath. I realized the room was now filled with the energy of peace and serenity. All of the chaotic, unsettled energies that I had felt at the beginning of the meditation had disappeared.
This was a perfect ending, for it brought home the message of unity. The angels had said we could step into the divine by choice. When we rise above our petty concerns, we enter a realm of the divine where we experience a higher vibrational state. Within this blissful space, we experience unity. We are not our physical bodies. We are part of all there is. 
When we were born, we entered a veil of forgetfulness, and it is through this veil that began to live our lives. These were the parameters in the world of physicality. This meditation shared the choices we have…perhaps it is time to lift that veil and embrace our true essence! 


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