Spirit of the Season

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Spirit of the Season
Goddess I Am Meditation: 01-04-2019

This is a new year, and time to embrace the change. For today’s meditation, we listened to Spirit of the Season, a Hemi-Sync selection that guided us to dissolve into our own inner spaces while we meditated and connected with our inner crystal spirit—a snowflake.

As I was preparing for this meditation, I recalled an experience about seeing snowflakes during a crystal bowl/Reiki experience a few years before. I wrote about this in The Reluctant Messenger—Tales from Beyond Belief:

December 3, 2015
As I listened to the celestial harmonies of the crystal bowls, the vision changed, and crystalline starbursts formed above each meditation participant. These bright white patterns of light resembled iridescent snowflakes suspended in a dark blue night sky. I was told that these intricate patterns represented fragments of the divine spark of Source—alive, vibrant, and unique to each individual’s energy field.

These cosmic patterns stretched horizontally, forming a circle of light around the room. The ring pulsated, and its light grew more intense until it burst into multiple threads of energy that exploded toward the center of the room before they combined into a single powerful vertical shaft of light.
When the final threads of energy entered the newly formed beam of light, it began spiraling upward before disappearing near the ceiling, as if it exited through a doorway to another dimension. 

There is no self; there is only one.

The one path.

The one spark.

To knowingness.

To everything.

To you.

It is all there is. We are all one, and that is all there is. It is time to come to the realization we are all there is.

As we continue this path to truth, we constantly blend our energies with all there is.
We are led by the purity of the spirit—the foundation of this most holy ground—as we are guided into the portal, the portal to self. The only requirements are the openness of our hearts and the letting go of those energies that no longer serve us.

For there is no “you.” There is only one—the all there is.

Back to 2019: As we listened to the Hemi-Sync meditation, I found myself drifting upward. With each breath I took, my speed increased until I was flying through the ethers like snow in a blizzard. I passed hundreds of other sparkling structures like snowflakes, stars, and crystallized orbs. 

My speed stopped as quickly as it had begun, and I found myself floating in the most peaceful sea of tranquility. I had 360-degree vision, and I could see hundreds of thousands of clear lights that twinkled off and on against the dark blue void of deep space. The energy was very tranquil and loving. 

Time stood still as I floated in this divine space. Had an hour passed or just a few seconds? I didn’t know. The silence of this hypnotic state was interrupted like a whisper in the wind when I felt a presence. What was this? Who was here? I did not see as much feel the presence, and it came from deep within my chest. My heart reached up in silent recognition that I was in the company of a divine creature—an angel. This loving presence approached me from behind and extended its wings. In a slow-motion movement, the angel wrapped me in the most blissful energy of love and tenderness. I felt like a babe in its mother’s arms: warm, protected, and adored beyond measure.

The words of the messengers from 2015 returned to me as I realized my crystalline energy body “represented fragments of the divine spark of Source—alive, vibrant, and unique to each individual’s energy field.” The stillness and silence of the meditation had allowed me to expand into a higher state of being, an expanded state of awareness, and it was my expanded consciousness that had made my angel connection possible. 

January 4, 2019
We are always around, Dear One, but not every soul is able to perceive our energies. Let go of notions. Let go of your concepts of Angels. Some perceive of us with wings; others do not. It is not the physical form that is important, but it is the consciousness of love that reaches out between the dimensions to make contact possible.

Know that we are here and always have been. We are your guiding light. We are that whisper that directs you to a different path. Know that we live within your heart. Rejoice with us, for this time of year is the time for love to be shared upon your most blessed planet.

The time for change is nigh. We shall guide you into the path of peace.

With those words, the meditation ended. As I heard the words on the Hemi-Sync selection call us back to the room, I felt my crystalline energy body begin to descend back to Earth, back through the atmosphere, and into the room at Goddess I Am. 

The meditation ended and others shared similar experiences. What a wonderful way to start the new year! 


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