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April 1, 2019
Faith: Church of Spiritual Light

April first was a busy day. I spent the morning with a group of lovely souls who attended my meditation at Goddess I Am in Naples, Florida. We listened to one of Scott Taylor’s Near-Death Experience meditations named Life Review from his Into the Light series. It was a profound experience to be able to move to the nonphysical and back again using Hemi-Sync technology. We now have the tools to revisit the nonphysical and complete a Life Review whenever we wish. 
That evening, I attended the Reiki/crystal bowls meditation at Church of Spiritual Light in nearby Fort Myers. As I prepared my cot with extra pillows that I had brought from home, I heard and saw the word Faith. Although the meditation had yet to begin, that did not stop the messages. I felt the unmistakable presence of angels as they entered the Church of Spiritual Light. Their heavenly radiance bathed each of us in the light of the Divine. They spoke:

April 1, 2019
Have faith in your Journey of Life. Know your Truth is found in the steps you take—one at a time, leading you to your Truth. Each person’s path is individual, and only their steps can lead them down this sacred path of Truth.
Let go of any thoughts that distract you. Bring forth goodness. Allow it to permeate your physical body, your nonphysical body, your soul. 
Faith. The energy of faith falls like silent snow upon the grasses of the Earth, covering all with a divine blanket of purity. Let your body sink in it. Bathe your body in this timeless, ageless wisdom.

With those words, a vision formed in my mind. My perspective changed, and I watched a silent, snow-covered plain from above, all through a darkened sky. I saw myself standing in the center of this field. I was alone but not afraid.
The observer-me watched as the other-me fell backward in slow motion. As my body dropped into this artic abyss, the snow seemed to beckon me to travel deeper and deeper. My body sank farther, and although the observer-me expected the other-me to be cold, I was not. As I continued to descend, snow toppled over me, and soon I was completely covered. Within this darkness, I experienced the purity of the white snow. I felt loved beyond measure as I continued to sink. The cells of my body felt like they were exploding as I dissolved into the consciousness and wisdom of the snow. 
Photo by Todd Steitle on Unsplash
The observer-me noticed movement from above, and I looked up in time to see a large snowy owl swoop across the dark sky, silently soaring above the blanketed field of snow where the other-me had recently stood. The angels continued:

Know ye are one with God, one with Creator, for a divine spark from the Creator’s bosom has been placed in your heart.
Know your Truth. Know your Wisdom. Know your unity with all that is. Move as one. Move in silence like the snowy owl who soars across the snow-driven fields: silent, ever so silent as it soaks in the void—that magical darkness of the unmanifested where all things are possible. 

With these words, the snowy owl reappeared. I watched his silent flight as he sped through the dark. The sky was black, but this was not the darkness of shadow. It was the darkness of a womb. This was the world of potential just waiting to be birthed upon a new horizon. This was a magical place where all things are possible. The angels continued: 

Have faith, my Love, for guidance is within you. It is like the wisdom of the owl as he sees within the dark void of probabilities and possibilities of the unmanifested world where all things are born.

As I scribbled these words in my journal, I returned to other-me buried deep within the bowels of the snow. I sensed a change. I automatically took a few deep breaths, and the darkness that had surrounded me began to fade. The snow that had entombed me began to break away, and I saw it: Light! I felt expansive.
My entrapped body was freed. I was liberated. The womb of the snow released me, and I began floating upward. I picked up speed. It was too much, and I had to close my eyes because I felt dizzy. When the motion finally stopped, I opened my eyes, and I could not believe what I saw.
I had transformed into a being of light, floating on spacious white clouds. My physical body had completely disappeared, leaving my spiritual body in its place. I was nothing yet everything. But wasn’t this what the angels had said? Was I now in this place of potential where anything and everything was possible? While in this state of supreme bliss, the angels spoke once more:

Soar into the darkness, knowing that your inner vision is guided by a supreme connection to the Divine. Float in this mystical, magical space. Allow Faith to guide you. 

Faith, what is it? My message had begun with that one single word. By allowing divine guidance within, I had experienced one of the more memorable spiritual journeys of my life. I am forever grateful to the messengers and all the lessons I’ve learned. I hope to heed their words of advice to trust that inner vision because it is guided by the divine. I understand that my path of Truth is uniquely mine, but that I am not alone. Divine guidance from the angels is with me.

Postscript: While transcribing my notes for this meditation, I took a break to check my various social media accounts. I found two posts that made me smile. On Sunday, the day before attending the Reiki/crystal bowls, Reverend Bledsoe had posted a picture of herself with a gift from her daughter: Hedwig—Yep! That snowy owl from Harry Potter. 
It didn’t stop there. After seeing Rene’s post, Sandy, another participant at the meditation, also posted a picture. When Sandy picked her daughter up from school on Monday, just a few hours before the Reiki/crystal bowls meditation, her daughter was holding another Hedwig that her friend had let her borrow. So, no wonder a snowy owl showed up twice during the meditation. 
The two snowy owls manifesting the day before and the day of the meditation? I saw this as just another validation that we are all connected. It brought back the messages from the angel who said to have faith and to know our inner vision is guided by a supreme connection to the divine. 


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