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May 6, 2019
Earth Star: Church of Spiritual Light

Most of the snowbirds had flown back to their northern cities; southwest Florida this time of year are too hot for most of them. The traffic was significantly reduced, so my sometimes 90-minute commute to Fort Myers took less than an hour. My friend Carmel and I arrived at Church of Spiritual Light more than thirty-minutes before the crystal bowls/Reiki meditation began.
We settled into our cots, in preparation for this event, and right away I knew things were different from the other times I’d attended this event. I often receive messages as soon as I lie down but not this time. I immediately felt energy as it churned throughout my body. My stomach began to growl and gurgle as if I had not eaten in days. I knew this represented energy shifting through my body. 
I heard people entering the church for the meditation, but I kept my eyes closed as I focused on these strong vibrations that coursed through my body. The top of my head tingled, and I could feel my hair blow as if someone had placed a fan at my head. Moments later, I felt intense prickling at the bottoms of my feet.
The energy returned to my stomach area As Yvette began the meditation, she said something about a yellow energy in the stomach area. I knew the solar plexus chakra is located in the stomach area and it is associated with yellow. I wished I remembered more detail that Yvette shared with us, but the energies that had been spinning through my body for over thirty minutes captured my full attention. 
As I absorbed the vibrations from the crystal bowls and the Reiki from Renee, my physical body changed; my body melted into a heavy, silvery liquid. I slid into a black, velvety abyss, a void like nothing I had ever experienced. I floated into the primordial sea of nothingness, yet it was simultaneously everything. I drifted within an ocean of creation as all possibilities, all potential existed all around me.
I understood that the churning I had felt in my body before the mediation began was my energy body acclimating so I could journey into this divine void of creation. 
The observer-me watched as the other-me’s liquefied body sank to the bottom of this dark abyss. I passed through the bottom of this chasm and into Earth’s mantle and outer core until I reached the core of Mother Earth. 
At the center of Earth, I saw what looked to be an enormous iron ore boulder. My molten form covered it, sinking into every nook and cranny of this massive rock until it was completed covered in my liquified essence. 
Steam began to rise from the iron ore core, and I realized it my liquid form was eating away the iron ore like acid. 
Within moments, the iron ore dissolved, revealing the true core of our beautiful planet: a brilliant crystalline structure, as luminous as a thousand suns.
I was awestruck as I looked straight into the heart of our dear Mother Earth. Seeing its beauty brought tears to my eyes, and I felt a sense of awe as I stood before this divine star of Gaia. 


What was the lesson for me? Was there a lesson? This was such a profound experience for me, and I know it will take time for me to process it. 
What I do know is that these energies represent a new connection for me. A new messenger perhaps? When new messengers arrive, usually a new path opens to me. I’m interested to see what happens next, but until then, I’ll bask in the experience of witnessing Earth’s Star.  


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