Empowerment of the Light Bearers

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May 20, 2019
Church of Spiritual Light
Empowerment of the Light Bearers

As I reclined in my cot, preparing for the Reiki/crystal bowls meditation to begin, I saw burning embers permeate the space. They fell down like dry autumn leaves that had been set ablaze. I understood that these leaf-sized pieces of ash represented the negative energy that was or would be released during this healing ceremony. I heard the following:

Out with the old; in with the new. It is a time of renewal as we release that which does not serve us.

As those words formed in my mind, the Beatles’ song Let it Be started playing, and I realized these were, indeed, words of wisdom that were speaking. It’s all about letting it be—stopping resistance and allowing for a natural flow. It’s all about opening the heart. 
With that thought, I saw a globe of energy swirling in front of me. It was circular, but on some level, I understood it represented the human body. Within this spinning whirlpool, I saw parts enfolding and enveloping other parts. I then saw the energy of the heart change places with the energy of the head and I heard the word balance. In my mind’s eyes, I saw the Yin/Yang Chinese black and while symbol representing the concept of not only duality but balance. It is a dance of two becoming one. 

Living at one will provide the guidance needed to transverse this new path of wisdom. 

I had an understanding that there is a generational aspect of wisdom, and that is one facet of the evolution of spirit, the evolution of spiritual living. Paradigm shifts are needed to meet the needs of new generations. 
We all must step upon our own wisdom paths, but we must do so with authenticity from our hearts. 
While attending this Reiki/crystal bowls meditation two weeks ago, I had seen a brilliant Earth Star at the center of the Gaia. My essence had transformed into some sort of liquified form that penetrated layers of Earth until it had reached an iron ore core. 
My liquefied form covered the core, dissolving it until a brilliant Earth Star emerged. I now understand that this Earth Star resides in the center of my chest. It is my guiding star. 
When I let go of resistance, I will have the most divine guidance that I have ever had. It will shine forth on the deepest, darkest parts of me. It will illuminate my shadows so that wisdom can radiate. And like a piece of hard, dark coal, I can transform and shine forth like a diamond, like this multifaceted Earth Star, shining ever so brightly within.
We are all healers of some sort or another. We are all light-bearers. We are all tasked with guidance. Let us bring forth our divinity. Let us bring forth our divine stars to guide us.
Let us be the leaders and healers that we know we are. Let us allow our inner lights to shine so brightly that others will follow. We are those beacons they seek. Shine ever so brightly so that we may light the path for future generations to follow. Be the light bearer that in your heart you know you are. 


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