The Great Star Nation

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I settled in my cot at Church of Spiritual Light for the Reiki/Crystal Bowls meditation. Within seconds, a message arrived: 
April 15, 2019
The Great Star Nation comes to the Earth, bringing with it the skies of knowledge, lighting the path to follow. Lead on, past the cosmos and beyond.
Know that your essence began in the cosmos, the stardust from beyond is the glue that binds your essence together. Light up your life. Let your inner light, your inner star, shine forth. Know that your essence is contained within the stardust that is everywhere. 
Let your light shine within, shine without. Spread your wings of light throughout the cosmos. Be at one with the universe. Know the wisdom that lies within. 
Like a homing beacon, it calls you to step outside your physical body, to step outside your comfort zone. Allow. Simply allow.

As I heard these words, I knew I was at one with the universe. I was one who knows no time, one who knows no space, for I am all there is.
I experienced a vision as pink clouds of angelic energy surrounded the meditation room. I could feel the connection to everyone and everything, not just at Church of Spiritual Light, but throughout the entire universe.
I felt energy sensations that moved from my belly, through my chest, and out the top of my head. The observer-me watched as the other-me dissolved into sparks of nothingness. This stream of golden energy exited my body through the top of my head. I zoomed around stars as I zoomed throughout the cosmos. 
As I passed the Pleiades cluster, I knew that I had a connection to Earth through them. This felt like home to me. Had I been attracted to it because it had been my home? Had the Pleiades called me home? 
My stream of energy became crystalline, changing my loosely knit body of energy into a star body. I consisted of hundreds of thousands of miniature stars. I had literally become bright, shining, stardust.
In the background of my mind, I heard a chant that repeated over and over. It was the words I had heard at the beginning of the message: We are the Great Star Nation. We are the Great Star Nation. We are the Great Star Nation. We are the Great Star Nation. We are the Great Star Nation.


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