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Goddess I AM
Luminosity: 10-05-18

Before the meditation began, I saw a shower of bright gold raindrops. It sprinkled down over the room like a gentle spring shower. The room began to fill with this energy, and soon the floor looked like a small golden lake. Its surface danced with lights, shimmering as if it were alive, casting sparkles of light across the room.

I had a difficult time concentrating because the golden shower continued as people entered the room and introductions began. A message began:

The golden drops of rain replenish the spirit just as a fresh spring rain replenishes a parched Earth, giving sustenance for growth. 

As these words poured forth, I saw a seed in the ground. Like time-lapsed photography, I saw a small root begin to grow, anchoring it within the deep, rich rain-soaked soil. There was movement at the top of the seedpod as the plant began to sprout. It breached the shell of the seedpod and began to grow upward. I knew that this vision represented an example of the sustenance that the golden rain had provided. I also knew this was an analogy for us. We, too, will bloom with the energy of the golden light.

My attention then shifted to the golden nature of the rain. The color reminded me of the brilliant light of the sun. In addition to the water, the sun—the light—is a prerequisite for growth.

This divine light nourishes the soul. It is the life force that give energy and life.

By this time, the meditation had begun—an exercise to increase the light from within—to increase our luminosity. There were affirmations during the meditation, and with each affirmation, lights within my body began to glow. It reminded me of how a blacksmith’s bellows bring embers to life. Places that had been dark or hidden within me began to glow. Soon, these embers became flames. I knew that this was not just occurring with me, but with everyone here. 

As part of the meditation, we envisioned a light coming from our hearts that expanded throughout our bodies. I received the image of glow-in-the-dark paint. Over time away from a light source, glow-in-the-dark paint fades, but when it’s exposed again to light, its luminosity returns.

And humans, too, are similar. You are made from light. You are a divine spark from the Creator. When humans are born of the Earth plane, the veil of forgetfulness accompanies them on this journey. Their luminous fields fade. But, as they learn to step into their Truth, their luminous nature becomes enlivened, and they begin to awaken to their divine nature—the divine spark from Creator.

Throughout the meditation, I began to feel lighter (I didn’t even realize the pun “lighter” until I typed this.). A smile crossed my face as I realized how more light brought clarity, compassion, and happiness. As the light continued to fill my body, I realized this light became a catalyst for more dormant parts to light. 

Oh, ye Children of the Light. Bask in the knowledge that ye are all one with Creator. Ye are the light!


What was the lesson from this exercise? What was my take-away? Besides simply the divine experience of being in higher vibrational energy, I began to appreciate our divine nature: light. We are sparks from the creator, and like glow-in-the-dark paint, if we stay in the shadows, our lights can fade.

We can make concerted efforts to let our lights shine. We can eat healthier foods. We can keep company with people who uplift us. We can seek sacred places and soak in the healing energies. We are all one, and we can use our divinity to seek higher ground.

Be yourself. Let your light shine. You have no idea how radiating a brilliant energy field can affect others. You can be that silent guru that helps others throughout the day, by simply allowing your light within to shine. 


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