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Goddess I Am Meditation: 10-19-18
White Tiger Returns

I settled into a space before the meditation began, and right away I began to perceive energy. I saw horizontal layers of pastel clouds of energy. There were seven or eight layers, and every other layer flowed in opposite directions. This was a gentle, loving motion that reminded me of a mother rocking a newborn.

I smelled the unmistakable scent of roses. As this permeated the air, I felt and then saw Mother Mary enter. As her presence flooded the room, the rose fragrance changed to a mist, and it rained down on the room. 

The clouds dissipated; they had served their purpose of bringing in this divine love, this divine energy from Mother Mary. I heard these words:

The foundation is now set. The protections are now in place for healing. This healing will carry all throughout the day and into weeks to come. 

In my mind’s eye, I saw a bathtub. It had claw feet and it appeared to be made of brass or copper. I saw each of meditation participants sink into their own individual tub. As they soaked into these divine waters, every cell of their bodies filled with love, strength, and divine grace.

In my mind’s eyes, I saw a vortex open at the top of the room. This opening allowed colorful ribbons of energy to flow through the room and directly into the Earth, grounding this divine energy. Within moments, the energy returned back to the room, creating a donut-shaped torus. The words began to flow:

This energy is protecting all who enter. It raises the vibrations of the group who has gathered together for meditation. This torus represents the power of group energy. The energy of this group is not only amplified but is of a higher vibratory level. 

During the meditation, Beth led us to a giant tree of knowledge. She asked us to pick the tree and see what gifts we would receive. I reached up to pluck something from the tree. It was a golden pear.

This is for sustenance for your journey. As you eat it, you will be filled with golden light. 

The second gift was a green emerald. As soon as I saw it, the white tiger that I had recently met during dreams and meditations appeared in front of me. In the center of his forehead was a large emerald that represented a third eye.

This is a gift of guidance and direction.

The third gift was clouds.

This represents the energy to blend with all other energies. Use this gift to improve your ability to travel without physical form.  

And, just as the meditation had begun with clouds, so it ended.


What was the message for me? What was the message for you? What did I take away from this experience?

First and foremost is the experience itself. The more time I spend in nonordinary reality, especially when I’m graced with the presence of divine beings such as Mother Mary, I absorb the energy. It soothes the edges of my soul; it calms my heart.

The next take away were the gifts: the golden fruit for sustenance. The second gift, the white tiger, was for guidance and direction. The third gift of clouds was to improve my ability to travel without physical form. I look forward to using this one, for sure!

We all have gifts from spirit, but we don’t always recall what they are. But just because we may not recognize them, doesn’t mean we don’t have them. Ask for gifts. Ask for signs, then be open to receive. It might come through thoughts, through dreams. Just be open and filled with gratitude when you receive your spiritual gifts. 


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