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Goddess I Am: Crown of Spirit
October 11, 2019

During the weekly mediation at Goddess I Am, Beth began the mediation with an etheric cord cutting. Using a piece of selenite shaped like a knife, Beth "cut" energy threads from the fronts, backs, and tops of each mediation participant. As soon as she finished, she sat down and began the meditation.
Cord cuttings are powerful, and I always feel an unburdening when I have them. This time, as I closed my eyes, a brilliant flash of light came from the palms of my hands. It resembled beams from a strong flashlight. The message began: 
October 11, 2019
As you walk the path of life, your lights shine. Remain clear with your intentions. Be ye pure of heart, and guidance will unfold in a manner perfect for you.
Trust. Know that angelic energies surround you, protect you. Live within the heart space. 
With these last words, I saw brilliant diamonds form over the heads of each participant. As my perception panned back, these diamonds resembled the tines of a crown. The peaks of each crown glowed then began shooting a brilliant light upward into the higher realms of existence. 
Embrace this crown of divinity, for it represents the royalty of spirit.  
A grayish substance began to sluff off each person. It looked like small pieces of ash. I immediately knew it represented negative or lower vibrational frequencies. As if on cue, these pieces lifted, and exited through the diamond shapes that danced above each person's head. 
I felt intense tingling on the soles of my feet. I knew my energy was reaching into the core of Earth. A sense of peace washed over me. I was in perfect alignment from above and below. 
You are that divine connection between the physical and the nonphysical.  
A knowing came to me: we could bookmark this feeling. By setting an intention to book it, we could return to this place of perfect alignment. 
As you learn to walk the path of truth and wisdom, your knowing increases. You no longer doubt. You know you are Divine. 
This was a powerful meditation for me, and I received a couple of takeaways: bookmarking and energy-field clearing. Everything is energy, including our thoughts. When we connect to a divine space during meditation, we can always return. It’s like taking a picture, a snapshot, of that surrounding energy.
The messengers have compared this to crossing a field of snow. Once you make the first trip across fallen snow, you leave a path, making the return trip much easier. It’s the same with subtle energies. Once we make the connection, stop, take a pause. Bookmark the feeling and the energy of your intention to return will allow you to do so.
My second takeaway was the power of energy clearing. The etheric cord-cutting cleared my energy field, and I immediately felt lighter. Holding to the past takes away the energy we need to sustain our daily lives. Learning to release those energies will free up more energy for current personal use. 


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