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Video: Traverse the Void to Enter the Light
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Traverse the Void to Enter the Light
I entered Goddess I Am and settled into my chair for Friday morning's meditation. The room was different: Beth had recently renovated, and the area was almost double its original size. As soon as I took a seat, I saw pale blue wisps of energy, floating from above like feathers.
I took a deep breath and realized I already felt lighter. I understood that this gentle, loving energy that permeated the air was in preparation for the meditation. It was preparing us, but for what?
As the energy wafted downward, I understood we were being called. It was the divine, beckoning us to release lower vibrational frequencies. I felt flutters in my stomach and tingles across various parts of my body. I understood this was awakening lower energies as they prepared to release into these newer, softer fields.
This was a familiar feeling. Often the meditations I attend result in releasing stale energy, but this was different. Little did I know I was about to experience how the release occurs. A message began:
February 28, 2020
It is the combination of these newer energies with the old. This is the foundation, bringing your personal energy field into the field of the divine. 
As I scribbled the message in my journal, a vision began. The pastel blue vibrations from above had begun to mingle with the stale energy we were releasing. As these frequencies met in the center of the room, it blended into what soon appeared as a massive blizzard of pale blue snow. It continued to intensify, and I realized this looked like a scene right out of the children’s movie, Frozen. I almost expected to see Olaf.
The storm continued, and the stale energy melded with the pale blue flurries from the divine. I understood entrainment was occurring: the energy frequencies I had released were coming into alignment with the divine energy from above. The darker energies that I had released were now completely engulfed by this blizzard. 
I stood motionless in this field of invigorating frequencies. In my mind’s eye, I stood with my arms stretched out wide, my hair blowing in the wind. As my energies fused with the frequencies from the blizzard, I felt renewed. 
I understood it wasn't just releasing the old energy, but it was revitalizing it. This whirlwind of energy flooded back into my body, changing my energy makeup. 
A huge ball formed from the snow; it resembled a giant orb of pale blue ice. As I stared at it, I felt an irresistible urge to step into it. The message continued: 
Come forth, Dear One. Step into this new space that has been created for and by you. As you relinquish energies that no longer serve you, you step into the field of manifestation. Like walking through newly fallen snow, you begin your path anew, a journey made specifically for you.
Learn to look with a different set of eyes. Learn to trust and follow the path of divinity that opens before you. Step into the newness, into the center of awareness. Step into this divine path, for you must traverse the void before entering the Light.  
It wasn't that long ago that a vision like this might have caused me to pause. Why would I ever think it was a good idea to step into the unknown? Before my awakening, I would have been more than happy to stay where I was, safe within my comfort zone.
But things have changed. This vision and message encouraged me to enter a void—the "void before the Light." Perhaps that is what life is all about: learning to step into the unknown, which is often uncomfortable. By doing so, we are the ones that bring the light to our paths. 
The void is that great place of the unmanifested world, where potential exists, awaiting instructions from us. The void allows us to orchestrate the elements of our lives. By using guidance from our hearts, we can use this energy to light our journey. Our paths become clearer and brighter.
Isn't this where we are now? Still in the throes of a global pandemic, we are faced with even more challenges. The angels were correct when they warned that "life as we know it" would disappear. They've told me we are at a juncture where choices need to be made. 
People are reacting around the world to deeply embedded social injustices. Are the protests signifying that humanity is beginning to operate as one? I hope so.
Which way do we go? Which path shall we choose? The messengers had said we would have a choice to see the unity that exists, and that we would have the opportunity to perceive humanity as one. It's not "us versus them." We are all family; we are brothers and sisters across this planet. 
Like this experience, we have been asked to step into the void of the unknown. Yet it is through the void that we shall fight the light. That void is a place where we can manifest a New Earth, a new way of life. Going through this unknown may not be comfortable, yet it is the passageway to Light and Truth. Trust your heart. Trust your guidance. Please do what you feel is right and help us move toward unity.


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