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Energy Practice: Wiracocha, Rebal

I had a spontaneous opening to the unseen world of spirit about seven years ago, and since then, my life changed. I no longer trusted my physical senses to see the universe; I learned to view the world through the lens of energy. I seem to live by Nikola Tesla’s quote: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
This is so true. Everything is energy. It’s not only the world of physicality but also thoughts and emotions. Once I accepted this fact, my life’s trajectory was set, and I began to understand the connections I had to the nonphysical world of angels and guides. 
I’ve had several requests to discuss energy, so I’d like to address a couple of my daily practices. To begin, there are seven primary chakras or energy centers running through the middle of the body. The first is the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. The seventh (crown chakra) is located at the top of the head.
Many people are familiar with these seven energy centers, but I include the eighth chakra in my practice. It is known by several names: soul star chakra, soul chakra, or Wiracocha, named after the creator God of the Incas.
In many shamanic traditions, Wiracocha (Viracocha) was known as the Creator of all things in the universe. He was the god of the sun and storms. Ancient carvings of Wiracocha depicted him wearing the sun for a crown, holding thunderbolts in his hands, and with tears streaming down his face to represent rain.
For those who are able to see energy, this chakra hovers over the head like a golden spinning sun. While the other chakras are closely aligned with the physical body, this chakra resides above. Many say this is what was perceived as halos around Buddha, Christ, and other spiritual figures.
I’m going to describe two practices: The first is to open this eighth energy center. You can do this for yourself or use it with another person or group of people. For example, if you are a healer or if you’re doing a psychic reading, you can use your eighth chakra to enclose the other person/s within your field. You can do this long-distance; there’s no need to be face to face for it to work.
I often start my practice by rubbing my hands together. This helps stimulate the receptors in the palms, making it easier to feel the energy. Standing with my hands at my chest in prayer position, I inhale slowly, lifting my folded hands above my head. With practice, you’ll be able to feel or sense when you reach the eighth chakra. 
As I pierce the membrane of this energy center, I exhale as I pull its energy down to cover my body. I return my hands to the prayer position. (If you haven’t done so already, I suggest watching the short video as I demonstrate opening this chakra: 
The next exercise is based on Bob Monroe’s work from Monroe Institute in Virginia. Bob called this a REBAL, an acronym for Resonant Energy Balloon. I usually do this in my mind’s eye and not with the physical movements of my arms, as I did with opening the Wiracocha. I begin at the heart and bring the energy upward and out the top of my head. At this point, it’s very similar to the first exercise. 
The energy flows out the top of my head and cascades like a shower over my body. When the energy reaches a few inches below my feet, I tuck it in and return it back through the center of my body. This represents the first of three passes. 
 On the second pass, when the energy bubbles from the top of my head, I twist it in either a clockwise or counterclockwise position. (Either direction works, because the flow is reversed on the final pass.)
As the winding energy seeps below my feet, I bring it back through the center of my body, preparing for its final pass. I move the energy again to the top of my head, and now I twist it in the opposite direction. 
When the energy drops a few inches below my feet, I return it through the center of my body. I stop at my heart center, thus completing the circuit. I recommend you watch the video for clarity. 
I use this REBAL daily. It keeps my energy field intact, preventing any unwanted leaking, but it also serves as a barrier from unwanted energies approaching. 
I hope this has been helpful. Remember, we are energy beings. Please use your energy in a positive manner and try to be cognizant that your feelings and thoughts affect your energy field.


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