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Energy is the Key
Guide to Hands-On Energy Practices 2

Comments flooded my inbox after last week’s video where I shared two of my daily energy practices: opening the eighth chakra and building a REBAL or Resonant Energy Balloon to help keep your energy intact and to guard against unwanted energy. 
Since my spontaneous opening to spirit seven years ago, I now view the world through the lens of energy. What’s the purpose of that? How does that connect us with the nonphysical realm of angels and guides?
As you become energy-sensitive, you open doors to the unseen world of spirit. The frequencies of the eighth chakra can serve as a tool in your consciousness-awareness toolbox. You can use it to explore and learn because energy is the key to communicating with the nonphysical. It allows us to glimpse into our true nature. It’s our connection to spirit.
Bringing eighth chakra energy into your awareness creates a shift in awareness as you step out of time and begin to access your true nature. Some think of this energy center as your soul or your higher self. Many believe the eighth chakra was the halo that people saw around Buddha, Christ, and other religious figures. It’s a pathway to transcendence.
When these frequencies surround us, perceptions change. For me, one of the first things that happen is my consciousness expands, and I become aware of another aspect of myself: the observer, the witness. Once you recognize the witness, you can begin to understand that you are more than your physical body.
As we embrace the role of observer, we gain a whole new viewpoint of life. We learn that “we” are not the one enmeshed in the day-to-day living, the one who stumbles when they get out of bed in the morning. We are not the one who gets upset when someone says an unkind word. We are not the one who is embroiled in the drama of everyday life. 
We learn we are much larger than that. We are the invisible awareness of that “other” me who scurries around, trying to check things off their to-do list. The true me is this invisible, immeasurable presence, connected both to Source and existence on Earth. 
I had a comment from Jita in last week’s video that I want to share. Jita said while doing the eighth chakra exercise, she suddenly felt she was enfolded in the number eight, the infinity sign. The top of the loop was a shining sun and the lower part was her. 
This was a profound experience, for this is exactly what happens when you step into the frequencies of the eighth chakra: you connect Earth existence to the invisible realms of the nonphysical.
The eighth chakra manifests as a spinning globe of light. It is timeless, and you do, indeed, step into infinity. This energy center is the connection between above and below.
Connecting to timeless energy helps build an internal radar system. You begin to know and understand beyond what the five physical senses measure. You perceive the undercurrent truth that sometimes runs beneath the spoken word. You begin to register Truth beyond what your physical senses can measure.
Perceiving energy helps you communicate with the nonphysical. It is in this magical, mystical space of the heart where our angels, guides, and other nonphysical entities communicate with us. This is where we learn to trust our guidance. There’s discernment, and as we increase our abilities to perceive energy, we’ll learn to trust our perceptions.
You can learn to perceive energy, but it’s not really learning; it’s remembering. We begin our lives on Earth able to do this. It’s the natural way to communicate. To bring back this instinctive skill, we need to return our energy into the heart space. Learn to breathe from this space. Learn to think from the heart. Learn to see from this magical space of stillness and silence. 
This is why I begin and end opening the eighth chakra and forming the REBAL (Resonant Energy Balloon) from the heart. It’s a gentle reminder and an acknowledgment of the importance of this divine connection. 
Mindfully connecting to the heart opens the doors for higher vibrational frequencies to enter. Living within the heart space connects us to the higher frequencies of love, kindness, and gratitude. As we live within these energy fields of love, we affect those around us. We become beacons for seekers, people searching for peace, calm, and connection.
Spend time this week in silence, just a few minutes or two for yourself. Smile. Laugh. Bring in the energy of love and gratitude and see how your life will change. Notice the small things, the big things. Take note of your dreams. Know that this is the beginning of opening doors to the nonphysical, making closer connections to the realms of guidance.
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