Catching the Wave

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Don’t you want to catch that perfect wave into the future? The messengers share how to do this: “It is learning to navigate the world through energy vibrations. As the world of energy surrounds you, learn to tune into those frequencies that appeal to you. Give no thought to that which does not serve you. "As the human’s attention focuses on a set of frequencies, neighboring vibrations respond. With strong intention comes stronger responses. Being steadfast in focus creates outcomes more quickly. Learn to use energy as a tool for growth. "Break the cycle. Use your energy to prevent the random and encourage the intentional. The first step is awareness. Awareness, like everything else, is energy. Use the energy of awareness to morph into the energy of noticing.
A subtle difference in waveforms occurs as energy from awareness morphs into noticing. Yet it is this slight change that catches the attention of the human. It is like a wave that rides into their awareness. "Empowerment. Birthright. Humans can choose where they wish to be. This is the foundation of creation, and humans have the ability to create and grow their environment”. ~The Messengers


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