Kindness Matters Jan 2021

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What will we learn from 2020? 2021 will bring more truth to light 2021, offering a different perspective, offering us opportunities for growth, and perhaps guiding us toward another path in life. The Messengers have said this new year will be The Year of the Heart. Using our hearts can help uncover the truth that is always there, but sometimes hidden beneath the surface of awareness. I have embraced a new mantra this year: Kindness Matters. Kindness stems from the heart, and by living from the heart, kindness will naturally flow. It is time for change. The Messengers reported: "The shift has come; it is here, now. Humans are transitioning, preparing to enter a new dimensional space. They will continue to walk upon the Earth with their physical bodies, but their nonphysical energy bodies will become paramount. "Like a baby learning to sit, stand, and walk, the human will become adjusted to the energy body through incremental steps. The first and foremost step is to recognize they are energy beings who presently inhabit physical bodies. They are not their physical bodies, only temporary inhabitants. "This realization will be a mind shift for many. Yet we say to you, as humans embrace this concept, they come one step closer to their true nature, their true essence. For it is through the vibrations of energy that can begin to understand manifestation, to understand who they are, to understand the magnificent potential they have to create. "The world is theirs to embrace. Humans will learn that their true life is not the waking state; it is the dream state where their powers are unlimited. They can dream their world into existence, yet it will occur during the waking state. "It is true magic when the dream state and the waking state become one. It is powerful. It is empowering. It is who they truly are: creative beings capable of manifesting a world of hope, a world of love, a world of unity. It is the return to their birthright. "Be ye one with spirit, and all things will be given unto you." ~The Messengers


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