Surviving the Storm January 1, 2021

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"There is power within the storms upon your Earth. What you think of as no warning, the winds blew, the lightning struck, and thunder boomed. 


"There are no surprises, only conditions. Elements on the Earth plane converged to form a storm. The surprise comes from your perception or lack of perception. And so it is with the human connection to us.


"We surround humans, often waiting for them to call upon us for guidance. For when they do so, it brings forth the conditions for us to manifest. Think of this as the storm you are witnessing. Certain meteorological conditions had to be met before the storm could materialize. The same is true when connecting to us. 


"As humans begin to operate from the center of their Points of Existence, they begin to operate from a position of control. They are at the helm, and their choices orchestrate outcomes. No longer do they feel powerless, for they begin to witness their inherent strength. 


"Operating from the heart space allows a closer relationship with their environment. It is not only their personal energy fields, but it is where their connection to angels and guides occurs. Going within allows for a conscious connection. 


"This is the way of energy. Your thoughts create vibratory patterns, and these patterns set conditions for actions to occur. An outcome is the manifestation of a combination of conditions. The storm manifested when certain conditions occurred. 


"We see that humans are beginning to understand the complexities of manifestations. We wish them to step into their roles as creators. They are beginning to recognize the importance of energy and how they can manipulate that energy to better their lives. 


"The key is the heart space. Learn to live within the heart to access these skills." ~The Messengers 


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