Monroe Institute: Peak Week

 A Virtual Peek at Peak Week (July 18, 2020)

By Candice M. Sanderson


  (These are my opinions and not representative of the Monroe Institute.) 


It would be a new experience for me: attending a Monroe Institute program over Zoom. Would I discover new insights? Would old truths deepen? I’d find out soon enough.

I didn’t have any expectations about Peak Week, but the program stirred my curiosity. It certainly should be a great week as it shares the peak experiences from so many wonderful programs (Gateway Voyage, Guidelines, MC Squared, Lifeline, Exploration 27, Heartline), but would it? 

Attending programs on campus always resulted in magical encounters, but this virtual platform was new for me. I couldn’t help but wonder—would this new format let me dip my toes into the same nonphysical realms as on-campus programs? Having taken all of the programs highlighted in Peak Week, I was a perfect candidate to test the new virtual platform’s efficacy.  

Lights, camera, action! From Finland to India to Switzerland to the USA, all of us successfully logged in. With Franceen King, Joe Gallenberger, and Deryn Winchester at the helm, we were ready to begin our first exercise: Patterning in Focus 15 from the MC Squared program.

As the resonant tuning sounded in my headphones, waves of energy entered through the bottoms of my feet, gently coursing up and down my body. Automatically, I began breathing deeper. I smiled as I realized it was starting! Yep, that magical transition from the physical to the nonphysical had begun; it was the shift I had known so well from my many trips to Monore Institute.

Each deep exhalation pushed against the boundaries of my existence. As my essence expanded, the parameters of my physical form began to dissipate. Hypnagogic images of purple swirled in front of me, issuing a silent invitation for me to follow. 

I succumbed, slipping into these delicious vibrations. My essence danced among the intricate, deep lilac patterns coalescing in front of my closed eyes. A lingering thought trailed like a whisper on the wind: What next?

We rode the mind awake, body asleep frequencies of Focus 10, and as we entered the expanded awareness of Focus 12, a tugging sensation in my solar plexus caught my attention. Within seconds, my energy body burst through my belly. I was free, released from the bonds of physicality. I was one with the universe as I soared in the ethers like a kite on a windy day.

Although the last vestiges of awareness had exited the physical realm, I knew I was safe. I understood that I remained tethered to my physical body through my solar plexus. It represented the “silver cord” that the messengers had told me about years before. 

When we entered the cosmic void of Focus 15, the tips of my fingers and toes opened like trap doors. As I marveled at this event and wondered why, the answer arrived: balance. In a download of information, I understood that I reached a state of equilibrium by opening my energy body to these frequencies. I blended with these vibrations, and I became the void. I was timeless. 

I understood that I could step into the Wheel of Time. I was a cog in this great Wheel of Life, and I could push forward or backward. I opened my nonphysical eyes and found myself standing in the center of the hub of an enormous train station. Many tracks of wisdom stretched before me. The track I choose is up to me. A message began:


July 18, 2020

Follow your heart. Allow guidance from within to lead you on your path of truth. Know that you are one with this cosmic void. Know that the skills for manifestation come from within. Rest gently upon the passage of time. 


I saw myself floating like a leaf on a small river. As I drifted in this sacred space of Focus 15, I felt fresh, renewed. The winds of time cooled my existence. I knew I could cut ties with my past to free my future, and I could do this by following the wisdom of my heart. I was swimming in the realm of pure potential, and I was in control. I could make choices. 

As I absorbed these protective energies of Focus 15, warmth radiated from the center of my chest and began to take shape. Within seconds, a large Plexiglas-type tube formed from my heart. While suspended within this timeless, divine space of pure potential, I looked around. From a distance, silhouettes slowly materialized, arriving as if through a haze of dense fog. One by one, each Peak Week member sharpened into view.

The Plexiglas tube from my heart space connected to each participant and tears trickled down my cheeks as I understood its purpose. It allowed the energy of love to flow back and forth among us. I heard the following:


Love is the great equalizer.


The Plexiglas tube, like a child’s garland made of flowers, connected everyone. Organic yet unseen forces bound us together, and we were not alone; we would travel together on this cosmic journey.

As we began to breathe in unison, a diaphanous pale pink membrane formed above us.  A closer look revealed it had come from our hearts. It moved as we did; breathed as we did. For reasons I cannot explain, I knew it was alive, and it was the manifestation of our combined energy frequencies. With slow-motion movement, it floated within this space of pure potential and divine love. 

As we began the patterning process, I heard, “Heal! Heal!” An understanding swept into my awareness: This beautiful, translucent form represents us. As we swim in this ocean of potential, we swim in unison as one. A final message arrived:


Breathe the breath of life, of love, of healing, of gratitude, of clarity, of purpose. 


We were guided to release our patterns. As I did so, I saw the delicate pink form shrink into an almost invisible crimson-colored orb, drifting in the de
ep blue of the cosmos. With a motion that startled me, it shot out into the ethers. Our potential, our group patterning, had just taken wing!

This was day one, exercise one. Throughout the remaining five- and one-half-days of Peak Week, my experiences only got better. Needless to say, Peak Week was a resounding success. Although I missed seeing the trainers and friends on campus—and those unforgettable peanut butter cookies from the kitchen staff—the virtual platform proved to be a valuable addition to programming options. I realized Peak Week was only the beginning of many virtual retreats I would attend.


Candice M. Sanderson: Psychologist and author, Monroe program grad, and Foundational Member of the Local Chapter Network


Candice Sanderson began receiving other-worldly messages after returning from Monroe Institute’s Lifeline program in 2013. As a trained psychologist, she had a dilemma: ignore these communications as her clinical training suggested or follow her heart’s advice to embrace them. Call Monroe Institute’s bookstore to obtain your copy of her international bestseller, "The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief” to read about her experiences. In June 2020, she published the Amazon #1 Best Seller, “The Reluctant Messenger: An Unexpected Adventure into the Angelic Realm,” another book that interlaces Monroe experiences with her out-of-body explorations. Follow Candice on her website at, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  


Disclaimer: the article above represents her opinion and are not representative of the Monroe Institute. 







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