No Pain--No Gain: A Different Perspective

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No Pain: No Pain: A Different Perspective:
It was so hard to understand. Why? What was going on? Piece by piece, my body was falling apart. Complications from “simple” medical procedures weren’t so simple. First the eyes, then the leg, return to the eyes, then the low back, throw in a few infections, back to the eyes, and then an unrelenting return to the spine. Each day, new conditions manifested. Nobody should have to tolerate such pain. I knew many of my greatest life lessons stemmed from pain. That’s how I learned tolerance, balance, and perspective. Pushing through pain helped me seek and discover what lies deep below the surface of awareness. However, none of that philosophizing helped me now. My training as a psychologist was based on science—cold hard data. So when my common sense told me to seek assistance from the medical community, I did. But there was something else going on, and I needed answers to these unrelenting issues that have bombarded my physical body for the past four months. I had not found the answers through conventional means; I needed the messengers—those friends I met in 2013. In August 2013, I had a spontaneous opening to the world of the nonphysical during an early-morning commute. Since that time, I’ve learned to step into the world of spirit for answers. Why didn’t I do this earlier? Good question: I wish I knew the answer. I needed relief. In addition to the excruciating low back pain that recurred a few weeks after I thought it had healed, I was dealing with a post-cataract surgery condition that resulted in extreme sensitivity to light. It had brought me back to the ophthalmologist four times in the past month, but the symptoms persisted. By 9:00 each morning, I close my hurricane shutters to prevent any sunlight from entering my home. A few days ago, I sat in silence intending to discover the truth of these physical symptoms that had ravished my body. Within moments, the answers came in the form of a vision. I saw a large, deeply embedded splinter inch its way toward the surface. Every microscopic movement caused ripples of pain as it wormed its way through tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. This vision gave me a new perspective. The splinter’s freedom resulted in pain, but this was not the pain of disease or injury. No, it was the pain of release, the pain of letting go, the pain of eliminating old wounds. A deep understanding swept through me, and I realized this splinter represented ancient energy—perhaps from ancestors or past lives. I understood the part that I played, and that changed everything. I was no longer the victim, the human who was dealing with these physical conditions. No, I was much more than that. I represented progression, evolution, the passing of the torch. I was the one who could release these karmic debts. Yes, there is pain, but knowing it’s the pain of survival, the pain of healing, the pain of growth—makes all the difference. I finally understand that my pain is a symptom, not of disease, but of deep healing. Understanding washed over me and I took a deep breath. As these splinters—yes, I’ve been told there are others—leave, they make way for newer energies. They lighten my body to allow more nonphysical energy to enter. This is part of the evolution of my soul. A different point of view can make all the difference in the world, and I feel honored to have a grander perspective. The next morning, my low back felt better, and for the first time in four months, I was able to tolerate sunlight. Although I’m not pain-free, understanding the genesis of the pain has brought me a fresh perspective. I now know these aches are not only a symptom of recovery but also of discovery. Knowledge is power, and this new information has permitted me to embrace the truth behind the adage of no pain, no gain. My new understanding allows me to walk a little lighter, breathe a little deeper, and smile throughout my day.


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