What are dreams? Are they a mixture of fantasy, illogical scenes that materialize and then unravel for no discernable reason? Perhaps your dreams represent aspirations, sometimes offering glimpses into events that have not yet occurred. Wouldn’t you like to choose what dreams to have? You can.

In The Reluctant Messenger, I described dreams as the interface between reality on Earth and the possibilities contained in the next dimension. The dream state is a judgment-free platform, often providing insightful information not available during waking hours, presenting opportunities for growth.

Some dreams leave us with more questions than answers, but each visit to dreamland permits us to explore this great unknown. We are no longer ruled by the physical; we exist in a dimension where the laws of physics don't operate as they do on Earth. We are immersed in the world of energy, the realm that some call Spirit.

As we slip into the velvety void of dreams, we abandon our physical bodies and egos. We release judgments, complaints, and those never-ending thoughts spinning in our brains. With those obstacles aside, our true essence becomes untethered from the world of form, including the confines of time. Escaping the clutches of time within this other-dimensional space, we find ourselves simultaneously interacting with the past and the future. 

As we leave our 3-D lives, we discover we can travel at the speed of thought. We realize we are the ones in control, not the “us” still asleep, but the true us. We comprehend what powerful energy beings we are.

According to the messengers, the lucid dreaming state allows us to enter the frequencies of what they call the Dream Seed. As a Dream Seed, we can consciously gather precognitive material within our dreams. We can carry this information back to our waking state to help navigate our 3-D lives. The more lucid we are during dreams, the more purposeful our actions become in both the dream state and, therefore, our 3-D lives. 

In our dreamscape, we float in a sea of possibilities. In this void of not-yet-manifested energy, we begin to see the greater picture. As we dip our toes into the cosmic consciousness of all that is, we achieve a level of clarity that defines our chosen path. From that point forward, our spirit, our soul, our true essence, takes the helm.

As a Dream Seed, we become the authors of the storybook of our lives. Do we write an adventure tale as we float among the stars, zip past unknown constellations, soar over undiscovered planets? Do we embrace obstacles for the learning experiences they offer? 

Our lives within the dream state are our true nature: energy, spirit, formless. Open your storybook. What lessons do you embrace for this life and which ones do you push aside for another time? Decide which part you want to play on the 3-D stage. Then, write the script! 



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