The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Bonus Episode Part 1: Tools from The R...

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We thought The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed had come to a close...except, we couldn't stop! A huge thanks to Donna Rebadow for this Bonus Episode as we unleash the 5D tools we learned from The Reluctant Messenger. You won't want to miss this one!

Energy Follows Thought and Action Follows Energy

THOUGHT                  –>                ENERGY                            –>                      ACTION
Intention to Meet Guides -> PoE -> Field of Energy -> Observer -> Expansion -> Meeting Guides

Operational Components:

1. Emotional Guidance System (Quality Control based on type of fuel)
2. Energy Recognition System (GPS)


Purpose of Tools:

1. Protection: REBAL, Cage of Light, Crystalline Grid, Prayer, Intention

2. Movement: Slider, Ladder of Enlightenment, Merkaba, Coiled Timeline, Meditation

3. Dashboard (Instrument Panel): Slider, Brain as a Radio Tuner, Coiled Timeline, Ladder of Enlightenment, Merkaba, Cage of Light, Crystalline Grid, Clouds of Energy Packets, Crystals, Super Soaker Energy Gun, EZ Button, etc.


Protection: These tools protect us during our travels in the 5D. 


Movement: We use these tools to expand our awareness or travel within the 5D.


Dashboard: These tools adjust and control our 5D experiences.


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