Who are we? Really, think about that question: Who are we? 

As Bob Monroe (Monroe Institute) always said, we are more than our physical bodies. This is so true. 

Our true nature lies not within our physicality but in that immeasurable dimension that surrounds us--that field of energy that connects us to all that is. 


The picture above is a quote is from the Messengers, heralding a new awakening of consciousness. As we awaken to our true nature, as we learn to live from our heart space, we will begin to understand the unity of all that is.


What we do to others affects us. As we greet others with a kind word, that kindness spreads. As the heart of our great planet evolves, will we open to the message that we are all one? Will we allow goodness and kindness into our lives? 


The choice is ours. Choose wisely.


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