Anxiety? Seek balance.

Balance is important in our 3-D lives: get enough sleep, eat healthy, avoid toxic situations, breathing deeply to reduce anxiety.


You’re not in this alone; call for help and it comes. The key to maintaining life’s flow is through the heart. Yes, that precious life-affirming organ is also our connection to the divine.


My messengers say the heart is a portal, and it is through this portal that we connect with our Guidance Teams in spirit. Whether it’s angels, guides, our higher selves, loved ones in spirit, or some indefinable energy source, they are here to assist.


When life’s slings and arrows threaten your equilibrium, take a grounding breath and connect to Mother Earth’s vital energies. Open your heart and ask for assistance. Your clarion call will be heard. 


“You are not alone, Dear One. We are here to assist.”



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